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AFN Network PowerVu Keys On Intelsat 906 2017

AFN Network PowerVu Keys On Intelsat 906 2017

afn-network-powervuThe British Broadcasting Corporation (AFN) is the public-service broadcaster of the United Kingdom, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London. Around a quarter of AFN revenues come from its commercial arm AFN Networkwide Ltd. which sells AFN programmes and services internationally and also distributes the AFN’s international 24-hour English language news services AFN Network News and, provided by AFN Global News Ltd. It is the Network’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the second largest broadcaster in the Network by number of employees, with over 20,000 staff in total, of which 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting.

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powervu-keys-encryptionPowerVu Keys; what is the powervu key, powervu key is a type of a code that is used to encrypt the codes of the channel. This is used the scramble the channels. Some of the channels are provided free to air but most of them are paid (encrypted), can be watched with the paid subscription. These subscriptions are used by the cable operators to view the paid channels for their clients. But in remote areas the cable system isn’t reached yet. The lovers of Sports, Movies and other programs viewed on the paid channels can’t be watched by them. Now what can they do. Here is the solution. To view these channels encrypted with the PowerVu or Biss or other keys, they have to catch the key and put it into their satellite receivers to start enjoying these tv channels. But now the question is how to find PowerVus, PowerVu Keys?, where the PowerVus, PowerVu are stored?. Answers is that the keys are only the management team from where the satellite tv is being transmitted. They provides these keys on the internet for the lovers.

Intelsat 906 at 68.5E:


Its Mission is “Communication”. Operator is “Intelsat”.COSPAR ID is “2013-043A”. Mission duration is ” 25 years” Manufacturers are ” Space Systems/Loral” Launch is “mass 6,090” Kilograms are “(13,430 lb)” Power is “19.3 kilo watts” .It has a best signals status with C Band, Ku Band & KA band LNBs.

Orbital parameters:

Reference system “Geocentric” Regime “Geostationary” Longitude “68.5º East” Period “24 hours”


Band “24 IEEE C-band, 54 IEEE Ku-band, 1 IEEE Ku-band”
Coverage area Asia-Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East. Intelsat 906 is a geostationary communications satellite, which is operated by Intelsat. It was constructed by Space Systems Loral, and Its based on the LS-1300 satellite bus. Intelsat 906 carries 24 IEEE C-band (NATO G/H-band), 54 IEEE Ku band (NATO J-band) transponders & 1 Ku band transponder. The C-band covers the Asia-Pacific region, while
the Ku band transponders are used for Direct to Home broadcasting to Asia, Africa, & the Middle East. The Ku band payload provides the coverage to Middle East & Central Asia.


It was launched on 2 August 2012, It replaces the Intelsat 7 & Intelsat 10 spacecraft at 68.5Aº East longitude. It is fully operational since September 2012. Its Mostly tuned in Central Asia, It has Urdu, English,
Hindi & other languages channels. Its signals status is good & easy to install/configure.

AFN Network PowerVu Keys On Intelsat 906 at 68E 2017;

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AFN Network PowerVu Keys On Intelsat 906 2017:

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Updated: 06-12-2017

AFN Network PowerVu Keys On Intelsat 906 2017
Intelsat 906 at 68.5°E AFN Network PowerVu Keys
Channel Name Freq. Pol. SR SID PowerVu Key Mode
AFN Network 4094 H 3680 —-

00: FB8D A234 813E 0600
01: CD63 0130 F852 2000



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