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PowerVu Keys List On Asiasat 7 at 105.5E 2016:

PowerVu Keys List On Asiasat 7 at 105.5E 2016:

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all powervu keys list 2016
all powervu keys list 2016, powervu keys list on all satellites 2016

PowerVu Keys; what is the powervu key, powervu key is a type of a code that is used to encrypt the codes of the channel. This is used the scramble the channels. Some of the channels are provided free to air but most of them are paid (encrypted), can be watched with the paid subscription. These subscriptions are used by the cable operators to view the paid channels for their clients. But in remote areas the cable system isn’t reached yet. The lovers of Sports, Movies and other programs viewed on the paid channels can’t be watched by them. Now what can they do. Here is the solution. To view these channels encrypted with the PowerVu or Biss or other keys, they have to catch the key and put it into their satellite receivers to start enjoying these tv channels. But now the question is how to find biss keys, PowerVu Keys?, where the biss keys, PowerVu are stored?. Answers is that the keys are only the management team from where the satellite tv is being transmitted. They provides these keys on the internet for the lovers.

powervu-keys-encryptionYou don’t need to go any where to find the updates. We are here to update you always. We love our visitors. We provides quality information to our visitors. There might be unconfirmed news or not working keys, due to too much posts we can’t update every page to inform you that the keys isn’t working, but as the new key of that channel is launched we update that as soon as we can. You can search our posts on your favorite search engines e.g google, big, yahoo, etc. To find our posts on the internet search engines please write after the keyword, for example; asiasat 7 all powervu keys list 2016, complete powervu keys list on asiasat 7 at 105.5e c band 2016, today new current updated and working powervu codes of 2016 on asiasat 7 official; how to do this, how to do that This is the method that can direct you to us.

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All PowerVu Keys List On Asiasat 7 at 105.5°E 2016:

Updated: 09-06-16


AISASAT_7 105.E >
SONY_SAB Internatoinal
Tp:4180 V 30000 PowerVu
Key: EcmKey=00:1137

P 0010 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – CNNI Asia
P 0010 01 E42DB81767E02E – CNNI Asia

P 0020 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Cartoon Asia
P 0020 01 E42DB81767E02E – Cartoon Asia

P 0040 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Newsource DNEW
P 0040 01 E42DB81767E02E – Newsource DNEW

P 0050 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Cartoon Taiwan
P 0050 01 E42DB81767E02E – Cartoon Taiwan

P 0070 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Cartoon Philippines
P 0070 01 E42DB81767E02E – Cartoon Philippines

P 0090 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – TCM REG
P 0090 01 E42DB81767E02E – TCM REG

P 00C0 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – TOONAMI
P 00C0 01 E42DB81767E02E – TOONAMI

P 0140 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – truTV
P 0140 01 E42DB81767E02E ; “truTV

P 0150 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – CN Australia
P 0150 01 E42DB81767E02E – CN Australia

P 0160 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – TCM ANZ
P 0160 01 E42DB81767E02E – TCM ANZ

P 0170 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Boomerang ANZ
P 0170 01 E42DB81767E02E – Boomerang ANZ

P 0180 00 CEF7CE422FF89E – Service 24
P 0180 01 E42DB81767E02E – Service 24


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