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Apstar 7 Dish Alignment, Setup and Strong Frequency

Apstar 7 Dish Alignment, Strong Frequency Tutorial:

Apstar 7 at 76.5°E:

Apstar-LogoAPT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite” or “Apstar”) is a leading satellite operator in Asia Pacific region. Apstar commenced its operation in 1992. They are currently owning and operate five in-orbit satellites: Apstar-5, Apstar-6, Apstar-7, Apstar-7B (partial), Apstar-9A satellite (“Apstar Satellite Fleet”), covering regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Pacific island which contain approximately 75% of the
World’s population. They’re providing superior “one-stop-shop” satellite transponder leasing, broadcast, Teleport and Network, as well as data center services to broadcasters and telecommunication customers.

Apstar 7 Footprint, Maps, Coverage, Beams:

Apstar-7-at-76.5E-footprin,-maps,-coverage,-beamsApstar is one of the fastest growing satellite operators in the world, They’re continuing expanding and
enhancing the scope of services and capability of Apstar Satellite Fleet to ensure They’re are able to meet the customer’s ever-growing demand and keep up with the evolution of technology. Their next mission is to launch Apstar-9 satellite in Q3~Q4 of 2015. Supported with comprehensive and high-quality services, keywords to find this post; apstar 7 channels list, apstar 7 channels list chart frequencies 2016, channels frequencies list of apstar 7 today, current updated channels table list and chart 2016, official coming soon channels list new channels list in apstar 7 2016; the advanced Apstar Satellite Fleet have become very important satellite resources for the Asia Pacific region. They’re offering the services to a wide range of applications including video distribution, Direct-To-Home TV, cellular backhaul, corporate network, maritime and aeronautical mobility services.

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Apstar 7 at 76.5°E Dish Alignment, Setting and Strong Frequencies;

Beginning The Dish Alignment Of Apstar 7 at 76.5E. To Catch the signals of this satellite you must have an experience in dishes alignment at least 1 time, If yes this gonna so easy. To Align the dish for Apstar 7 you must need to have to following basic things.

Basics for the Dish Alignment;

1 Dish Antenna, atleast 4 feet.
2 AV Supported TV or LED
3 C Band LNB or Ku Band LNB
4 Cable, Leads, Proper connectivity.

Connect them each other correctly and check out that the level signals are available? If yes, it means you’ve configured the system correctly, otherwise recheck and configure it correctly. After the successful configuration of the dish to receiver and receiver to the TV now our main tutorial is getting started.

Dish Alignment;

To Align the dish of you must have the basic knowledge about the satellites degrees. Its very important the basiculation of the degrees, without the degree knowledge you can’t understand or exact locate the location of the satellite. If you have a satellite meter then is will auto find the signals location otherwise click HERE to learn ” How To Align A Dish Antenna“.

After this now,  starting the alignment of the satellite dish for Apstar 7 available at 76.5 degrees East.

For this you need to have the strongest frequency of the targeted satellite for the easiness of the signal reception. In this the strongest frequency of the Apstar 7 is available bellow;

C Band 3799 H 4330
C Band 3720 H 29620
Ku Band 12638 V 15000

Pickup a frequency and put it into your satellite receiver, Go to Menu> Installation> TP List> Add New> Add and Save it.

Dish Alignment Tutorial with (Picture):

Apstar-7-Dish-Alignment,-setting,-setup,-methodNow it will show that signals of the entered frequency. Next to do is that go to dish and start moving it around the degree 76.5 East. Keep moving the dish, shortly it will catch the signals, catch more better signals and fix the dish there and Run a blind scan on you receiver. Go to Menu> Installation> Single Satellite Search> Blue Button (Scan)> Set Pol as both and, Search type Auto, Blind or Network> Encryption> FTA+Scrambled> OK. I will shortly collect the channels list of that satellite, save after searching and enjoy your newly installed or aligned satellite. If you can’t install or align the satellite dish after too much tries, please try the second frequency and try again; Keep in mind that if you’re trying to capture the signals of C Band pickup the frequency of C Band otherwise pickup the last Ku Banded Frequency. If after this you can’t align, want to ask additional questions, please comment down bellow. We’ll reply you as soon as possible. We’ve attached a dish picture of Apstar 7  observe the picture and keep loving us.

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