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PTCL Smart TV Channels List, Chart, Details 2017

PTCL Smart TV Channels List, Chart, Details 2017;

PTCL Smart TV;

PTCL Smart TV, pakistani dth service
ptcl channels list 2016, ptcl smart tv channels list 2016

PTCL Smart TV is an Internet Protocol TV service in Pakistan owned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Its Pakistan’s firs DTH service. PTCL has launched its first Smart TV service for their viewers and going to launch their own DTH service i Pakistan. It entered the IPTV-sector on 14 August 2008, by launching a digital interactive television service for the first time in Pakistan. The service is currently available in 150 major cities in Pakistan. PTCL Smart TV currently relays 150 channels: thirty news, four in-house, eight religious, nineteen entertainment, nine children, seven music, fourteen infotainment, twelve sport, thirteen for English-language films, three for Pakistani-language films and eighteen regional channels.

DTH (Direct To Home) Service in Pakistan:

PTCL-DTH-(Pakistani-DTH-Service), ptcl channels list 2016, ptcl smart tv channels list 2016

DTH Stands for Direct To Home service. DTH is defined as the reception of satellite programmes with a personal dish in an individual home. Pakistani dth list 2016, ptcl smart tv channels list 2016, complete channels list of ptcl smart tv 2016, channels details of ptcl smart tv, ptcl dth pakistan list of channels in ptcl smart tv, news channels list in ptcl smart tv, entertainment channels list of ptcl smart tv, drama serials tv channels list of ptcl smart tv, hd channels list in ptcl smart tv, sports channels list in ptcl smart tv 2016, official channels list of ptcl smart tv 2016, Indian tv channels list in ptcl smart tv serve dth of ptcl 2016, monthly price of ptcl recharge, ptcl internet tv channels list 2016, internet tv channels of ptcl smart tv and ptcl dth 2016 ptcl packages and plans of ptcl smart tv 2016, today new latest updated and working channels list chart frequencies transponders of ptcl smart tv 2016.  DTH does away with the need for the local cable operator and puts the broadcaster directly in touch with the consumer. Pemra has allowed 3 Pakistani companies to run their DTH service in Pakistan. In this service you can watch all paid tv channels in very lowest cost.

PTCL Smart TV Channels List, Chart, Details 2016:

PTCL Smart TV (DTH) Channels List 2016
Channel Name Logos Remarks (Short Description)
News Channels;
Capital TV  Capital-TV Urdu  News Channel
Geo News  geo_news_international Urdu  News Channel
ARY One World News  ary_news_uk
Dunya News  dunya_news_tv_pk Urdu  News Channel
PTV News  PTV-News-PK Urdu  News Channel
Express News  express_news_pk Urdu  News Channel
Dawn News  dawn_news_pk Urdu  News Channel
News One  news_one_pk Urdu  News Channel
Waqt News  waqt_news Urdu  News Channel
City 42  city_42_tv Urdu  News Channel
Metro One  metro1_news_pk Urdu  News Channel
Channel 5  Channel 5 Logo Urdu  News Channel
SAMAA TV  samaa_tv_pk Urdu  News Channel
CNBC Pakistan  CNBC Pakistan Urdu  News Channel
Roze TV  Roze TV Logo Urdu  News Channel
DM Digital  DM Digital Logo Urdu  News Channel
PTV World  ptv_world_pk English  News Channel
CCTV News  CCTV News Logo English  News Channel
DW  DW TV Logo English  News Channel
BBC World News  BBC World News English  News Channel
Sky News  Sky News Logo English  News Channel
FOX News  Fox News Channel English  News Channel
Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera English logo English  News Channel
Al Jazeera Arabic  Al Jazeera Arabic logo Arabic  News Channel
RT News  RT News Logo English  News Channel
Such TV  such_tv_pk Urdu  News Channel
Star Asia News  Star Asia news logo Urdu  News Channel
DM News  DM Digital Logo  English  News Channel
Geo Tez  Geo Tez Logo  Urdu  News Channel
In-House Channels;
PTCL Smart Product
Smart Melodies
Smart Films  Movies Channel
Mix TV
Religious Channels;
Smart Awakening  Islamic Religious Urdu Channel
Abb Takk  Abb takk logo  Islamic Religious Urdu Channel
ARY QTV  ary_qtv  Islamic Religious Urdu Channel
Peace TV English  Peace TV Logo  Islamic Religious English Channel
Huda TV  Huda TV logo  Islamic Religious Urdu Channel
Peace TV Urdu  Peace TV Urdu Logo  Islamic Religious Urdu Channel
Al-Quran Al-Kareem  Al Quran TV Logo  Islamic Religious Arabic Channel
Al-Sunnah Al-Nabvi  Al Sunnah TV logo  Islamic Religious Arabic Channel
Entertainment Channels;
Zum TV  No-Logo-SatSide  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Geo TV  geo_news_international  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
ARY Digital  ary_digital_asia  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Hum TV  hum_tv_pk  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Kohenoor News  Koh e noor TV logo  Entertainment Serials News Urdu Channel
Express Entertainment  express_entertainment_pk  Entertainment Serials,Shows, Urdu Channel
Hum 2  Hum TV logo  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
PTV Home  ptv_home  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
TV One Global  tv_one_pk  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
ATV  atv_pk  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Indus Vision  indus_vision  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
A-Plus Entertainment  a_plus_pk  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Urdu 1  Urdu 1 Logo  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Geo Kahani  geo_kahani_pk  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
Vibe TV  Vibe TV Logo  Entertainment Serials Urdu Channel
STAR World  Star World Logo  Entertainment English Channel
BBC Entertainment  BBC Entertainment  Entertainment English Channel
Pakistan Movies Channel;
Silver Screen  Silver Screen Logo Movies Urdu Channel
Filmazia  Filmazia Logo Movies Urdu Channel
Film World  Fil World logo Movies Urdu Channel
Food Channels;
ARY Zauq  ARY Zauq Logo  Food Cooking Urdu Channel
Hum Masala  hum_masala_tv_pk  Food Cooking Urdu Channel
Zaiqa TV  Zaiqa TV logo  Food Cooking Urdu Channel
Kids Channel;
Nickelodeon  nickelodeon logo  Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
Disney XD  Disney XD Logo Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
KidsCo  KidsCo logo Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
C Babies  No-Logo-SatSide Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
Baby TV  Baby TV logo Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
Disney Channel  Disney Logo Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
Kids Arabic  No-Logo-SatSide Kids Cartoons Urdu Channel
8XM  8XM logo Asian Music Channel, Hindi, Urdu
Play TV  Play TV logo  Asian Music Channel, Hindi, Urdu
ARY Musik  ary_musik  Asian Music Channel, Hindi, Urdu
Oxygene TV  No-Logo-SatSide  Asian Music Channel, Hindi, Urdu
Channel V  Channel V Logo  Asian Music Channel, Hindi, English
Arabica TV  No-Logo-SatSide  Asian Music Channel, Hindi, Arabic
BBC Knowledge  BBC Knowledge logo Infotainment Hindi Channel
National Geographic Channel  National Geographic Channel Logo Infotainment Hindi Channel
Nat Geo Wild  Nat Geo WIld Logo  Infotainment, Wild, Nature Hindi Channel
Discovery Investigation  Discovery Investigation Logo  Infotainment, Discover, Nature Hindi Channel
Discovery World  Discovery World Logo  Infotainment, Wild, Nature Hindi Channel
Nat Geo Adventure  Nat Geo Adventure Logo  Infotainment Adventure Hindi Channel
History  History logo  Infotainment History Hindi Channel
Discovery Turbo  Discovery Turbo Logo  Infotainment Discover Hindi Channel
Health TV  health_tv_pk Infotainment Health Hindi Channel
Sports Channels;
TEN Golf  Ten Golf Logo Golf Sports English Channel
Abu Dubai Sports  Abu-Dhabi-Sports-Logo Sports English Channel
PTV Sports  PTV Sports Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
STAR Cricket  Star Cricket Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
Geo Super  Geo Super Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
TEN Sports  Ten Sports Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
STAR Sports  Star Sports Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
ESPN  ESPN Logo  Cricket Sports English Channel
English Movies Channels;
HBO  HBO Logo  English Movies Channel
STAR Movies  Star Movies Logo  English Movies Channel
HBO HiTS  HBO Hits Logo  English Movies Channel
Cinemax  Cinemax logo  English Movies Channel
Fox Crime  Fox Crime Logo  English Movies Channel
HBO Family  HBO Family Logo  English Movies Channel
Diva Universal  Diva Universal Logo  English Movies Channel
Filmax  Filmax Logo  English Movies Channel
Star Lite  starlite tv logo  English Movies Channel
Regional Channels;
Sohni Dharti  Sohni Dharti Logo  Regional Urdu Channel
VSH News  Vsh-News Logo  Regional Pashto Channel
Sindh TV News  Sindh TV News Logo  Regional Sindhi Channel
Sindh TV  Sindh TV Logo  Regional Sindhi Channel
Apna Channel  Apna Channel Logo  Regional Saraiki Channel
Kay 2  Kay 2 Logo Regional Urdu Channel
Waseb TV  Waseb TV Logo  Regional Saraiki Channel
Khyber TV  Khyber TV Logo Regional Pashto Channel
Kashish TV  Kashish TV Logo Regional, Music Sindhi Channel
KTN News  KTN News Logo  Regional, News Sindhi Channel
Business Channels;
Business Plus  Business Plus Logo Business Urdu, English Channel
Bloomberg Television  Bloomberg TV Logo  Business, English Channel

Might be this one;

Pak DTH Cahnnels List
Bol Entertaiment
Bol News
BOL sports
Bol Cricket
Bol Mastiii
Bol Movies
Bol music
Bol kids
Azad Movies
Azad Tv
Azad Sports
Azad News
Azad Music
Azad cinema
Value Movies
Super Gold
Ary Sports
Ary Cinema
Ary Gold
Ary Cineplex
Dtv entertaiment
Dtv Gold
Dtv Movies
Dtv Cinema
Dtv Music
Dtv Sports
Dtv News
Dtv 1
Dtv Home
Dtv light
Hum sports
Hum News
Hum cinema
Gold tv
Kids tv
Super tv
Zanjeer tv
Public tv
Food tv
Queen tv
Jhalk tv
Light News
Truth News
Q Cinema
A1 tv
Filmworld 2
Filmworld movies
Filmeorld gold
Aruj cinmea
Green tv
Orange tv
B tv
Gold music
Apple tv
Sun music
Preimer tv
Ready News
Ktn news
Ktn music
Ktn movies
Jalwa movies
Jalwa tv
Luck tv
Asia tv
Mbc movies
B cinema
E action tv
And more channel so wait freindz


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